Ninja Secrets Of Flexibility

The collection of movements you’re about to watch was drawn from the most effective exercises Ryan learned in his ninjutsu days. They referred to it simply as “junan taiso”, which in Japanese just means “body movement.” No one made a big deal of it. It was something you did every day.

It was from this base of daily training that the ninja built their incredible flexibility. They could slip free of restraints, roll out of joint locks, and strike and kick from seemingly unbelievable angles.

It wasn’t magic. It was the result of daily, dedicated practice.

Ryan has taken those exercises and made them even more effective by applying the latest sport science and the most recent understanding of biomechanics. We’re presenting the flexibility component of this modern junan taiso here.

We hope you enjoy it.

Ninja Secrets Of Flexibility Volume 1
Ninja Secrets Of Flexibility Volume 2

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